The Best (POS) Point of Sales Software Systems in Canada

The POS system or the Point of Sales system is where retail transactions happen. POS systems software enable a payment transaction, with hardware and software to properly manage the process.

Is it smart to use POS system or Point of Sales system? What are the benefits of using one?

Well, POS systems provide a fluid, innovative, and easy transactional system for the store and for the customers. Modern and advanced Point of Sales systems will attract customers who like to use high-tech, familiar, prefer to touch-screen orders, or iPad devices.

For employees, Point of Sales systems should be simple to learn and use, as well as, offer functionality such as barcode scanning and stock control or needing to remember important pricing or stock information that can save a lot of time and work.

For business owners and managers, the processing part is safe and secure, important marketing and sales data is generated efficiently to manage current trends, and customer details and information is safe. Point of Sales systems can also manage payroll, staff rotas, and tips.

In other words, good POS systems enhance customer service, give better management information, effectively control any aspect of money, allow business owners and managers efficient management of their organization and their staff.

When it comes to POS system, there is special equipment needed. The POS hardware elements include barcode scanners, cash registers, a computerized device that manages the process, payment terminals. The cash register can be combined with a PC with a register, with a screen, a tablet device or an iPad. Depending on the type and functionality of the device, the transactions are moving more and more towards a single gadget that can handle absolutely every aspect of the Point of Sale system. The POS software delivers the efficiency and functionality required to manage pricing, process payments, manage discounts, generate receipts, conduct stock control.

High-quality POS software will also generate real-time reports to manage any aspect of hospitality and retail business. This kind of system will deliver professionally-done and comprehensive reports for marketing, sales, and accounting purposes.

Now that you know a little bit more about POS systems, let’s see what are the best Point of Sale software systems in Canada click here:

➢ TouchBistro iPad POS

This is one of the most popular and best-selling restaurant POS system in more than 37 countries. Its solution is simple, adaptable and allows restaurants to run a single iPads or more, allow ordering from each table, and other benefits that come with it. This POS solution offers hundreds of customization options all backed by modern reporting tools and features that present historical data, as well as, real-time. TouchBistro POS system offers a free trial period and it has 4 different solutions and plans. All plans are billed yearly.

➢ Lightspeed

It is located in Montreal and it has a number of different products so far, designed to make the payment as easy as possible. This is a cloud-based hospitality POS solution and it offers both cloud and network-based POS software. The price for using this POS solution starts at $69 per month.

➢ Revel Systems

They provide leading iPad and cloud-based POS software. Their products are successfully used in various retail outlets and restaurants where fast transactions take place.

Now that you are familiar with the best Point of Sale software systems in Canada, you can decide which one is the best for you!

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