Here Is Why Cloud POS Is A Bad Idea for Your Small Business

Here Is Why Cloud POS Is A Bad Idea for Your Small Business

Cloud POS system is a bad idea for your small business. What do you mean? This statement may catch you with a surprise. While cloud computing is the new gospel in the business world, it is not a fit for all. One thing the business expert will tell you is that moving to the cloud enables you to manage your store at any place or time.

Remember, you always have your business data at your fingertips. Also, you can make a decision when out of the country of the business location or even while on holiday. How then is this bad idea with all the above benefits? To answer your question, this article provides you with several shortcomings of taking your small business to the cloud. Here they are:

Increase your business costs

It is natural to hear experts claiming that a Cloud POS system is cost efficient to other forms. While there are some truths in it, what the experts do not tell you is that it comes with subscription fees. So, while you may think this option is cheaper, accurately performing your calculation can confirm to you that it is even expensive than the later. The only difference is that you pay in the form of monthly subscriptions while the static selling points require you to pay once.

Internet reliance

Unlike the general point of sales systems, the Cloud POS is internet dependent. Even though you have the opportunity of having information about your business regardless of where you are, all this relies on the availability of the internet. Slowness in the connection will lead to slow decision making.

Also, it may hurt your store service delivery leading to loss of customers. For instance, if you need to place new orders while on a business meeting only to find that the location has a slow internet connection. Thus, you have to wait until you move to a better location. Such acts may injure your business planning and productivity.

Opens up your data to security threats

One misconception you will hear from cloud POS system marketers is that this form is the safest and most secure option. The argument behind it is that your data is stored on different computers across the world. Consider this: which is the secure option? Having your data on one computer or is spreading it to the multiple ones? By answering the two questions, you will understand why cloud selling point is a threat to your business information security.

With this, you can confirm that a Cloud POS is a bad idea to small business. However, you should consider the pros and cons of the system before making a final decision.


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