How to Convert POS Receipts Into Marketing Tools

How to Convert POS Receipts Into Marketing Tools

Driving sales is an ultimate goal of every business. No business can exist without making any sales. However, no customer will fall from heaven to earth and start to purchase products or services in your store without you informing him/her what you offer. Thus, marketing is an integral part of any business with success as one of its goals. As an entrepreneur, it is essential to use any available means to communicate information about your business and products.

Notably, to market does not only mean advertising your products on media and other online platforms. Hence, you can use any means to take your message to target audience. One of these approaches is the application of your POS system transaction receipts. But how do you use them for marketing purposes? Read on to know.

Using headers and footers to display information about your business

Most receipt generated from the point of sales system use footers and headers to display the organization information and the person who served the customer. Instead of following the same trend, you can customize your receipts for marketing purposes. For instance, you can design your headers to announce upcoming offers or events. Also, you can use them to display your organization logo and slogan. This practice will enhance your branding and marketing of your business.

Encouraging customers to shop through your online portal

Another way to use your POS system transaction receipts is the promotion of your online store. Here, you can post your business website and print coupons with discounts for first-time shoppers. Also, you can include information stating that the customers using online shopping platform will earn double points. This way, you will not only promote your online business shop, but also, you will reduce queues in your brick and mortar store.

Enhancing customer database preparation

Are you in need of additional customers on your online store? If you are running a hybrid store, your POS system can help you to create an online customer database. Here, you customize your lists with giveaways to every customer subscribing or creating an account on your website. For instance, you can offer a 20% discount for all new subscribers for their first five purchases. Also, you can state that any customer referring their friends to the online store will get an additional 10%. By this, you will influence information sharing which will be a plus in database creation.

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All in all, you POS transaction receipts can become marketing tools through the above ways.

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